From The Director Desk


Dear Dream Home Creator

Ascan Plyboard (India) Pvt. Limited, Kolkata manufacturer of Aeon brand Plywood are committed to achieving and sustaining a reputation as one of the market leader by giving competitive price with quality product range. All our products are made from selected imported hardwood and GURJAN timber. In the 21st century, wood working and its techn ology has been changed beyond imagination .

Development in the science of making technical woods has revolutionized the use of wood as a building material, be it in Industries, Homes, Transportation or Architecture.

Our Company manufactures a range of products whose quality has been tested and tried day in and day out by the designer, the architect, the craftsman and the domestic end-user.

The Aeon Ply range of products has performed successfully over the years and this has resulted in a growing level of confidence with its customers .

Aeon Ply assures Quality. It uses the highest quality of raw materials processed in state of art and machines with latest technologies. Research and Development playing a major role, so that only a flawless product ever reaches our customers.

We are committed to priceless quality at an affordable price.

Welcome to,the world of Aeon Plywood !!